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Students in the Brgoch group are experts in inorganic synthetic chemistry, numerous characterization techniques, and computational chemistry methods. Connecting these research approaches allows the group to solve current problems in a multitude of complex functional inorganic materials.

Front (L-R): Sogol Lotfi, Anna Duke, Erin Finley, Alma Harris, Phu-Cuong Phan, July Romero, Lavanya Kannan. Back (L-R): Jakoah Brgoch, Sean Eli, Ahmad Sayyedahmad, Angelica Cobb, Aria Mansouri, Martin Hermus



Group News

October 1, 2016

Erin's first publication and our groups first paper on persistent luminecent phosphors!


September 1, 2016

Our first publication on the unqiue oxidation states of heavy transition metals under pressure!


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