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Students in the Brgoch group are experts in inorganic synthetic chemistry, numerous characterization techniques, and computational chemistry methods. Connecting these research approaches allows the group to solve current problems in a multitude of complex functional inorganic materials.

Front (L-R): Sogol Lotfi, Erin Finley, Amber Lim, Ya Zhuo, Timothy Tran, Sean Bailey, Jakoah Brgoch Back (L-R): Adheesha Danthanarayana, Anna Duke, Shruti Hariyani, Gayatri Viswanathan, Lorena Jimenez Viveros, Aria Mansouri,



Group News

July 11, 2018

Understanding the origin of persistent luminescence in strontium aluminate. Now we have the recipie to make materials glow-in-the-dark longer!


April 5, 2018

Using machine learning to predict the band gap of solids; >75,000 band gaps predicted in the supporting information!


March 29, 2018

Another new high efficiency blue phosphor, borates are awesome!


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